Batch Sulon9 goes to Cebu for a post-program outreach

Members of the working youth group of the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth (JENESYS) 2016 Batch 9 will be holding a film showing and panel discussion on November 22 at the University of Cebu (UC) Banilad Campus.

The event dubbed as “Sulong Dunong” is part of the action plan of the group after their 10-day study trip in Tokyo and Nagasaki, Japan last May 2017. About 200 UC students are expected to attend the event.

Batch representative Theresa Banta said the group traveled to different factories in Japan where they learned about sustainable energy and waste management, particularly plastic and electronic wastes.

A visit to a century-old pastry factory enabled the group to learn about family business management and entrepreneurship.

“As the country’s representatives to JENESYS, we feel that it is our responsibility to share our experiences to our fellow youth and the public so they too will be enrich with learnings,” said Ador Hurtado, tourism officer of Catbalogan City, Samar.

Joining Banta and Hurtado during the Japan trip were Cris Evert Lato-Ruffolo, Jenn Krystel Zaraspe, Marian Lujan, Alphonse Estacio, and Inero Ancho forming the Philippine delegation.

The Philippines’ working youth group in Nagasaki, Japan who were the official delegates to the the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youth (JENESYS) 2016.

After the Japan exposure tour, the group has organized trips to Brunei Darussalam and Baguio (Philippines). They also organized a storytelling and origami event last July 6, 2018 at the Batangas Medical Center. The event was attended by children with cancer, family members and other patients of the hospital.

For the film showing and panel discussion on November 22, the group is drawing inspiration from their visit to the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.

“We are a nation of storytellers and as such we hope to be able to help spread awareness about the stories of our neighbors so we can see how their story coincides with our story,” said Zaraspe, a lawyer based in Batangas.

For Cebu-based journalist Cris Evert Lato-Ruffolo, the group’s event is one way of giving back to the Philippine and Japanese governments for the investment that they put in on the youth.

“All too often we read about young people being sent to exchange programs and study trips. Their social media pages are active before and during the events. But it gets really quiet afterwards,” she said.

The Working Youth Group outside the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum in Nagasaki, Japan.

“Our goal is to continue our role as storytellers; to share what we learned, to open the floor for discussion so we can make informed choices and opinions. The experience should be spread and shared to as many people as we can,” added Lato-Ruffolo.

“Sulong Dunong: A Film Showing and Panel Discussion” is organized in partnership with the University of Cebu and Rulls Cellphone and Accessories.

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Cebu Daily News feature

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Cheers to Embassy of Japan in the Philippines, Jice Japan International Cooperation Center and NATIONAL YOUTH COMMISSION.

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GMAnewsonline features Batch Sulon9

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“JENESYS is an investment. It is an investment in the future of the relationships among our nations. You, as the youth of today, are seen to be championing that future; a future that is filled with hope and characterized by solidarity and greater stability,” said Toshiyuki Taguchi, researcher and adviser of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines – Japan Information and Culture Center.

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Fourteen stories, fourteen chances, one hope.

Some fourteen young hopefuls from across the country were recently accepted to be the official Philippine Delegation to the JENESYS Programme or the Japan-East asia Network Network of Exchange for Students and YouthS for Batch 9 – Economic Partnerships, Trade & Investment out of more than 2,000 applicants accepted by the National Youth Commission (NYC).

Out of the fourteen hopefuls, seven are students from various universities such us UP Diliman, Ateno de Manila, University of Santo Tomas, UP Visayas and Mindao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology who are mostly taking up economics and business administration while another seven are young professionals from regions across the country who are working at utilities companies, an investment bank, a medical center, from public academe, broadsheet media company and from a local government unit.

A pre-departure briefing was facilitated last May 14 among the fourteen delegates by the National Youth Commission (NYC), who implements the JENESYS Programme that is funded by the Japanese government and organized by the Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) and the Japan Information and Cultural Center (JICC) together with the Japanese Embassy in Manila.

Now on its 10th year, the JENESYS programme is mainly composed of firsthand exchange and discussions with youths and local people of the host countries to promote further mutual understanding, friendship, and trust.

As the last batch for 2016 under the Economics Cluster, the JENESYS programme aims to “promote cultural exchanges and internationalization while improving international relations among nations through networks of friendship formed among participating countries making international cooperation possible” as shared by Mr. Toshiyuki Taguchi of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines.

Tagging themselves as “Batch Sulon9” from the word “sulong” with “9”, which means “forward” or “charge on” and 9 for the 9th batch, clearly describes the forwarding-looking spirit and proactive attitude of young Filipinos, determined to make that positive change.

With fourteen changemakers bound to make Philippines proud, the Filipino and ASEAN spirit is flaming brightly and mightily.

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Sulon9 Kabataan

Presenting the 7 working youths and 7 student youths that comprises the Philippine delegation to the JENESYS Program 2016 – Economic Partnerships, Trade and Investments under Batch Sulon9.
At the center is Mr. Toshiyuki Taguchi of the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines of Japan International Cooperation Center that is organizing the said program.

Sulon9 Kabataan!

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