Students visit performing arts theater and industry plant facility in Japan

The student delegates had the most enjoyable morning learning about traditional Japanese performing arts at the Ohori Park Noh Theater. After viewing snippets of a Noh performance, the delegates were graced with the presence of a Kyogen sensei with 20 years of experience. He first explained the essence of Kyogen and demonstrated the elaborate actions. Everyone was then encouraged to break free from their shells as they joined in acting during the short Kyogen workshop that followed, bringing about an air of fun and laughter to all the delegates.

The afternoon’s industry session at Hibiki LNG Terminal took a more serious tone. One of the company’s managers first explained the system and discussed the purpose of having to liquify natural gas. The delegates then took a tour of the large facility from the control room, to the rooftop, to seeing the massive tanks and pipes firsthand.

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(Ms. Yu)

Fukuoka site visits gather young supporters for environmental sustainability

On May 18, the seven university students of the Philippine delegation for the JENESYS 2016 Batch 9 went to two areas at the Fukuoka prefecture to learn about industrial waste management, recycling, and alternative hydrogen energy.

In the morning they went to the Ooki Recycling Center “Kururun” where they had lectures and facility tour about the waste cycling industry of the town. They ate at a local restaurant within the vicinity of the center, where they had food and vegetables locally grown in the area for lunch.

For the afternoon program, they travelled all the way to the new site of Kyushu University where they had lectures about the Hydrogen Energy Research of the university. They were also given a chance to ride two hydrogen-powered cars owned by the university.

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(Mr. Notario)

Learning Japanese history, culture, and industries

Working youths of the Philippine delegation to JENESYS 2016 spent the day learning about the Japanese history, culture, and industries.

At Chuo Kankyo Co., Mr. Shuji Awata, General Affairs Management Director gave a short talk about the various processes for recycling industrial and household waste. The delegates toured around the facility and saw how scraps are turned into construction material and biofuel.
Delegates had an insightful visit at the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum as tour guide Mr. Katsunobu Shiina, told stories of the bombing and its aftermath.

With the theme “Economic , Trade, and Investment”, JICE aims to give delegates a deeper view of the strengths and charms of the Japanese markets and industries.

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(Ms. Banta)

A Closer Look at Japan

IMG_9669The Philippine student delegation attended a key lecture session by Mr. Hideo Kimura of SIMA Institute of International Business held at the Koto-ku Cultural Center in Tokyo. Mr. Kimura discussed Japan’s economy, society, and culture in relation to its development and sustainability. The students were then flown to Fukuoka City in the afternoon for the next activities for the program.

Working Youth attends lecture and leaves for Nagasaki

The working youth cluster of the Philippine Delegation of JENESYS 2016 attended the comprehensive lecture of Mr. Hideo Kimura, the Executive Managing Director of Strategic International Management Associates (SIMA) about “Japan Economy Today” at Koto Ward Culture Center and later flew to Nagasaki, Japan for the continuation of the rest of the program.

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