Reporting Session for Student Youth Cluster

Fukuoka, Japan – Today, for the sixth day of JENESYS 2016 Batch 9 (Economics), the student cluster of the Philippines is currently having a reporting session workshop at the International Student Hall, International Center of Fukuoka.

The workshop aims to prepare and help the students in presenting their plans of actions for their specific countries after the week-long JENESYS program. The presentation and reporting session will be held on May 22, 2017 in Tokyo. The student delegates from the Philippines are looking forward to share their plans to their co-delegates and the Japanese and Philippine government.

#jenesys2016 #JICE #pilipinas #PilipinasJenesysBatch9 #Sulon9 #batchsulon9 #japan #students #fukuoka

(Mr. Natata)

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