It’s not ‘Sayonara’ but ‘Mata aimashou’

On May 20th, the working youth delegates left the homes of their host families where they spend the night to observe and understand the Japanese family culture. It was a short stay with their Japanese families but it was a unique experience that will be cherished forever.

After leaving their host families, the delegates headed to Megane bashi or Spectacles bridge located within Isahaya City and is said to be the oldest stone arch bridge in Japan and has been designated as an Important Cultural Property. Also, the delegates enjoyed the beautiful scenery in Goshoin Garden located within the grounds of Isahaya High School.
The delegates spent their afternoon in Glover Garden, a park in Nagasaki, Japan built for Thomas Blake Glover, a Scottish merchant who contributed to the modernization of Japan in shipbuilding, coal mining and other fields.

(Ms. Lujan)

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