Student Youths visit Yanagawa City

The name Yanagawa came from two words which means “willow tree” and “river”.

In the morning of May 20th, JENESYS 2016 Batch 9 Group B went to Yanagawa City and experienced seasoning their own nori (seaweed), riding a boat along the river of Yanagawa, and meeting the beloved Mayor of the city who is currently on his 3rd term with 8 years of service.

In the afternoon, the group was divided into groups. The first group consisted of 8 lucky girls who were able to try wearing yukata while those remained were divided into five-member groups to try kumode-ami (four-legged net) fishing.
The day ended with a party prepared by the local residents while the delegates per country taught them some things about their own culture in return of warmly welcoming them.

#jenesys2016 #JICE #pilipinas #PilipinasJenesysBatch9 #Sulon9 #batchsulon9 #japan #studentyouth

(Ms. Villarosa)

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