Conversions and Conversations

The working youth cluster of the Philippine Delegation to Japan for the JENESYS 2016 had a hectic day last May 19, 2017 after visiting not just one but three companies engaged in waste treatment, food processing, and a power plant.

First on the itinerary was Ken-ou Kennan Clean Center, a waste disposal facility that converts combustible waste to usable resources like electric energy that powers the whole plant. Waste heat generated during the fusion of waste is transported to the public hot bath. From the gas cleansing strea, aggregates, sulfur, and other materials are recovered for use in road construction and chemical industry. Funded by four (4) cities, it collects 330 tons of garbage per day from about 214,000 residents. The facility took more than 2 years to construct costing around ¥14.5 billion.

Next stop was Kashuen Moricho, that produces Japan’s popular castella cake, in various flavors similar to sponge cake and the okoshi or popped rice which is similar to Cebu, Philippine’s “ampao” and Samar, Philippine’s “alfahor”. The business started as a family venture in Nagasaki as early as 1500s, now being managed by their 7th generation and has already started shipping their world-class products to foreign markets.

Last company was Nagasaki Solar Energy LLC, a renewable energy power plant situated in Mishima Island where the Nagasaki Airport is located. Just recently operationalized in 2016, the company, which was a result of a joint venture between Chopro, Co. Ltd. and Solar Frontier, invested ¥10 billion for the construction of the facility that generates energy of about 37 million kW per year and estimated to earn ¥1.3 billion annually.

These companies ranging with age-old operation to being newly-opened, from being traditional to technical, covering local to foreign markets, it carries the commonality of Japan’s respect for cultural heritage and being creatively adaptive for environmental sustainability.

Converting raw materials or waste products to reusable commodities while engaging conversations with young minds clearly defined that hectic, hot yet helpful and humbling day.

(Mr. Hurtado)

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