Working youths of the Philippine delegation to JENESYS 2016 spent the day learning about the Japanese history, culture, and industries.

At Chuo Kankyo Co., Mr. Shuji Awata, General Affairs Management Director gave a short talk about the various processes for recycling industrial and household waste. The delegates toured around the facility and saw how scraps are turned into construction material and biofuel.
Delegates had an insightful visit at the Nagasaki Peace Memorial Park and the Atomic Bomb Museum as tour guide Mr. Katsunobu Shiina, told stories of the bombing and its aftermath.

With the theme “Economic , Trade, and Investment”, JICE aims to give delegates a deeper view of the strengths and charms of the Japanese markets and industries.

#jenesys2016 #JICE #pilipinas #PilipinasJenesysBatch9 #Sulon9 #japan #workingyouth

(Ms. Banta)

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