Fukuoka site visits gather young supporters for environmental sustainability

On May 18, the seven university students of the Philippine delegation for the JENESYS 2016 Batch 9 went to two areas at the Fukuoka prefecture to learn about industrial waste management, recycling, and alternative hydrogen energy.

In the morning they went to the Ooki Recycling Center “Kururun” where they had lectures and facility tour about the waste cycling industry of the town. They ate at a local restaurant within the vicinity of the center, where they had food and vegetables locally grown in the area for lunch.

For the afternoon program, they travelled all the way to the new site of Kyushu University where they had lectures about the Hydrogen Energy Research of the university. They were also given a chance to ride two hydrogen-powered cars owned by the university.

#jenesys2016 #JICE #pilipinas #PilipinasJenesysBatch9 #Sulon9 #batchsulon9 #japan #studentyouth

(Mr. Notario)

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